About us

About Mewo Orders

The initial ​​Mewo Orders idea was created in 2010 in Mewo Systems SL. Since then, we worked to develop a system that links point of sales terminals and an online ordering service. It needed 10 years ripening time until first sales started in 2013. By the time, it was internationally registered as bonVito, brand (®) of Mewo Systems SL.
Mewo Orders is a marketing platform with multiple channels that currently has several functions of customer loyalty, electronic payments, reservation of online tables and creation of live reports and thus is constantly being developed. Thanks to its modular structure, Mewo Orders partners can choose specifically the functions that suits their needs. Thus, you and your customers can obtain a tangible added value.
Our success story has just begun and we hope to inspire you with our unique array of services and the growing number of practical functions.