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Frequently asked questions

What is Mewo Order?

Mewo Orders is a technological platform that links customers with their favourite restaurant, your restaurant, through a customized web service. A specially designed website for your business.

How to start using Mewo Orders?

Just complete our form! A manager will get in touch to you and assess you to start the project adapted to your needs in order to increase your income.

What do I need to work with Mewo Orders?

Nothing. We will provide you with the necessary hardware for free, if you do not have a POS or printer, in which case we will evaluate to adapt the system to the one you already have.

Is it different from other services such as Just Eat or Uber Eats?

Mewo Orders is not a platform where you meet different restaurants, but we create a website specially designed for your business where your customers can order food at home or pick up at your restaurant. We enhance your ow branding.

What initial disbursement does it require?

None. Require any disbursement, but a percentage of the generated profit. If no profit generated there are no fixed costs.

How does Mewo Orders work for my customers?

  1. Customer indicates where he/she is, in order to deliver the order
  2. Chooses the desired food
  3. Confirms contact information and payment method
  4. Order is in your preferred device (like your restaurant printer)

In the case you have any addditional not answered question. Send us an email to and we answer as soon as possible