All our rates include our own website and online order platform Mewo Orders

Initial installation
No need for hardware or initial configuration 0€
Additional locations 0€
Fees per order 8%
Transaction fees 0€
Number of orders Unlimited
Orders notification in administration dashboard
Orders notification in different printers
Differentiation of printing tickets according to printers
Delivery orders
Pick-up orders
Establishes live wait times for orders
Modification of orders after their execution
Support and maintenance
Support by phone
Support by email
Orders notification in different printers
Requests for changes in the menu
Requests for changes in marketing strategies
Effective and sustainable website
Multi-page websites
URL / domain and self hosting for your website
Custom control
Live administration dashboard in the restaurant
Advanced administration dashboard
Optimizing and intuitive purchasing process
Sales reports
Management of associated clients
Management of delivery areas and schedules
Product management and features
Real-time alert system
Launch Marketing
Digital marketing
SSL security certificate included
Phone user validation
Fraud detection
Privacy and security policies according to the updated RGPD
Regular backups
Additional modules (Glod Rate)
Orders notificationsons in different printers
Notification in dashboard orders

Did you know?

For most the businesses we analyze, up to 85% their orders through Just Eat come from regular customers who are already loyal to your business.     
If your customers already know your brand, why not to have your own website and a place where to place your customers orders directlyto you and thus not depending on third parties?     
Mewo Orders offers you a website tfor your business. You get your own domain, your own brand identity and your rates can be reduced by half compared to Just Eat.